JTOL0042 Reasoning With A Radical Leftist

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Meet my friend, a radical leftist. Please see the timestamps. The first part of this discussion is about the differences in mindset between people who support different economic systems. The second is about socialism and communism and my friend’s thesis about why they haven’t been successful.

01:33 The Origins of Biases Against Radical Left Ideologies
07:13 Flaws of Capitalism/defining terms socialism, capitalism, anarchy, libertarianism
13:54 Is anarcho-capitalism self-contradictory?
16:15 Different definitions of freedom
21:40 Capitalism extracting surplus labor vs. the market value defined by supply and demand.
25:49 Alternative form of valuing labor by employers
27:20 Freedom, Wealth and Equality, the Citizens United case, and Social Darwinism
30:34 Inequality and freedom
33:54 Wealth being deserved vs being earned

37:38 Why Socialism has failed
43:40 Propaganda and international interference by the US against communism
45:58 Did communism fail because of the system, the people in charge, or lack of preparedness resulting in compromise?
48:10 Socialism/Communism was born under fire
51:00 What about the horrors committed under communism?
53:35 Radical left governments receive more criticism, even though capitalist governments also commit horrors
56:47 Is wealth a signifier of value?

Originally Published on January 12, 2018

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