JTOL0003 Race and IQ, Fascinated and Horrified

00:00 Small talk
01:05 Overview of the data
06:45 Biological differences
07:01 Social differences
09:09 Why is it important to know the differences in average IQ?
13:00 My guilty moment
13:20 My personal reaction
15:40 Why I think the information is controversial, the root of it in my opinion
17:07 How to solve the debate
17:44 How I think the data can be beneficial for personal growth

Sorry for butchering the data. The paper can be found here:
50 pages of reading!!

Much more data can be found on the world wide web, both for and against the question of whether mean iq differences among races are due to heritability or environment.

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Originally Published on Apr 5, 2017

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