JTOL0022 Why I Still Don’t Like Black Lives Matter (BLM)

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Some more commentary on BLM, responding to each of their Guiding Principles.
Sorry, my camera was unfocused at some points. Also, I was in a humorous mood. It got slightly out of hand.

https://www.statista.com/statistics/205097/percentage-of-poor-black-married-couple-families-in-the-us/ (Please […]

JTOL0021 Why I Don’t Like Black Lives Matter (BLM)

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00:15 A rant on so-called ‘for black people’ movements
02:08 Results and outcomes vs trumpeted headlines
02:51 I do not believe in lowering standards
04:20 You cannot talk about black lives mattering without discussing the crime rate within the black demographic
04:50 Focus on the self/ Black Fa […]

JTOL0020 Why Are We Obsessed with Vicious Entertainment or On Game of Thrones

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00:00 Intro/ I don’t know what this video is.
01:19 Why are people watching this show?
02:00 Bringing Structure to Imagination
02:45 Our Reptilian Brain
03:30 Is there a link between the extremes of violent fiction, and less violence in the real world?
04:50 Living vicariously through character […]

JTOL0013 Taking Bribes From Politicians Is Not the Answer

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Part 3! Visit my channel for parts 1 and 2.

00:38 If the data shows unequal outcomes, does that mean someone was being treated unfairly, independent of what happens between people? (00:50 I meant to say there are differences *within* groups right down to the individual)
02:06 The morality of thi […]

JTOL0003 Race and IQ, Fascinated and Horrified

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00:00 Small talk
01:05 Overview of the data
06:45 Biological differences
07:01 Social differences
09:09 Why is it important to know the differences in average IQ?
13:00 My guilty moment
13:20 My personal reaction
15:40 Why I think the information is controversial, the root of it in my opinion […]