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Science should not serve any agenda BUT the pursuit of knowledge, at least that’s what I was taught when I learned about science and the scientific method. Then why do distinguished professors have to publish their work in hiding, keep mum, and why are students being taught that controversial topics […]

JTOL0062 Applying to YouTube’s Affirmative Action Contest

2018-10-14T22:06:58+00:00July 21st, 2018|

I applied to YouTube’s #YouTubeBlack contest, the New York version of its NextUp contest to help YouTube Creators grow their channels, with a focus on supporting Black and Latino viewers and creators. This was after my initial reaction knowing that I am not keen on programs that box people into raci […]

JTOL0045 Censorship Shenanigans, Youtube and Twitter, Black History Month

2018-10-14T21:38:55+00:00March 4th, 2018|

This video covers: YouTube and Twitter censorship, the utility of black history month, very brief thoughts on black panther, and the hypocrisy of the left’s version of identity politics

Originally Published March 2, 2018

Twitter: ht […]

JTOL0027 The Truth About Racism In America

2018-10-14T21:12:15+00:00January 28th, 2018|

I am frustrated with YT this week. So I thought to myself, why did I even start this channel? Because I am tired of people telling me what to think. So I made a video about it.

Originally Published on September 1, 2017

Twitter: http […]

JTOL0025 Google Anti-Diversity Memo and the Firing of James Damore

2018-10-14T21:12:03+00:00January 28th, 2018|

Interviews watched:
FDR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN1vEfqHGro
This is Dr. Peterson’s interview (below). Many sources re biology and gender differences at the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEDuVF7kiPU
‘Some mainstream media outlet’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYV0ez […]

JTOL0023 CENSORED! The Tyranny of YouTube, Twitter, and the Silencing of Rational Thought

2018-10-14T21:11:50+00:00January 28th, 2018|

Freedom of the press or freedom of the media is the freedom of communication and expression through various mediums, such as electronic media and published materials -From Wikipedia

Freedom of speech is the right to articulate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or cen […]

JTOL0014 Free Speech, College Campuses, and Safe Spaces

2018-10-14T20:45:23+00:00January 27th, 2018|

00:00 Intro. Why I started my channel.
01:13 The problem which may never be solved, and how it ties into morality.
01:56 Censorship on social media and trying to shape reality.
03:43 Intellectual curiosity vs. intellectual arrogance and the marketplace of ideas
04:31 Asking why, not having the a […]