Is standardized testing a pillar of systemic racism?

Why do you need to come up with an incoherent set of ideas to change society, to change its hierarchies?

Why would one choose to get rid of objective standards to remove bias?

Learn about what those against standardized testing mean when they say “bias” and about the flaws in the arguments being used to successfully remove the use of standardized tests up to the college level.



This video was prompted by this tweet:

The racist beginning of standardized testing linked to in the tweet, the current argument made by many –

This page actually has more direct sources

Lists 1350+ colleges that are optional in terms of standardized tests in US

I thought this was a good breakdown of the pros and cons of standardized testing – btw the gender breakdown is interesting.

Just articles I found for a more global perspective

I couldn’t read the entire thing, as I don’t have an account, but it

Reading and math scores, I’m not sure of the year.,31813,2043378,00.html