JTOL0035 Cornell Black Student Union Demands_ My Response (Extended)

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First Part: https://youtu.be/QEQRCrsgoOE

*When I say the black population grew I don’t just mean in raw numbers but proportionally in the US make-up.

The Demands

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JTOL0034 Black Student Group Complains_ Too Many Africans and Caribbeans

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The extended uncut version because I felt I was passing over its details: https://youtu.be/Om971OdQR4c

The list of demands:

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JTOL0033 The Bloody Consequences of Gun Control

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I did a whole research project on the source of crime in Jamaica when I was about 16. I distinctly remember reading about the sourcing of guns in Ja via politicians. I don’t have those initial sources that I thought were better and I can’t get to them. The only recent article I could find that direc […]

JTOL0032 Taking a Knee- Stop Wasting My Time

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00:00 Intro
01:20 Are minorities being mistreated in the US?
02:50 Bringing attention to police brutality and discourse on the topic.
04:00 A way forward
05:13 Getting specifically-specific 🙂
07:08 The real effect of racism on achievement (I don’t mean slavery, but bias and prejudice)

JTOL0027 The Truth About Racism In America

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I am frustrated with YT this week. So I thought to myself, why did I even start this channel? Because I am tired of people telling me what to think. So I made a video about it.

Originally Published on September 1, 2017

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