JTOL0013 Taking Bribes From Politicians Is Not the Answer

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00:38 If the data shows unequal outcomes, does that mean someone was being treated unfairly, independent of what happens between people? (00:50 I meant to say there are differences *within* groups right down to the individual)
02:06 The morality of this, “you’re not getting ahead because the man is keeping you down” narrative
03:09 Facing discrimination does not mean one cannot advance, based on history.
03:57 Development of skills useful to economy
04:35 Incentives for work experience and strong family unit. (05:02 I meant to say two parent households)
05:13 Minimum wage laws and labor unions reduce options for building human capital
05:35 What about IQ?
06:41 Highlighting group differences to help groups also brings the criticism of those groups.
07:50 Charity to help with building skills, education etc.
08:07 Think long term and sacrifice for future instead of short term rewards.
08:43 Build foundation, not give the results. No bandaid solutions!

I had other examples of what to do, but I felt I didn’t know enough about them.

Originally Published on June 11, 2017

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