JTOL0018 Re RageAfterStorm Request or Is Race Realism Bigotry

00:00 Intro. This is not entertainment. And I am not an expert.
00:56 Is race realism bigotry?
02:01 What RageAfterStorm was talking about was extremely important.
02:36 Some personal thoughts
04:36 The walls in our minds
05:33 Reaction to Rage After Storm’s video
06:06 Were her facts accurate?
08:20 Things I am not sure about.
08:45 Logic vs. precision, and morality when dealing with individuals
10:22 What I didn’t like about the video/Could we break bread?
12:08 Why the information is important. (I meant to say average low IQ when talking about immigrants)
13:30 I want to live in a moral world, not just an ordered one.

Thank you for watching.

The RageAfterStorm video I watched (reuploaded). If it’s removed I can potentially host it on my own website if, for some reason, I want to do that:


My initial Race and IQ video and the literature review it referenced:


American Psychological Assocation (APA) admittance:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligence:_Knowns_and_Unknowns (Look at the last paragraph under Group Differences)

This is re that culture can influence behaviour in terms of influencing childhood, regarding the statement about environment probably affecting behaviour such as violence regardless of genes. I am not an expert on these topics and claim no such position.
Influence of father presence on adolescent development

FURTHER READING http://intelltheory.com/hotTopics.shtml

An interesting paper on studying humans that I came across while looking up data:

EDIT: This is another video I did that addresses IQ and income with more sources in the description.

EDIT: A useful link a commenter posted for deeper understanding of studying IQ and more current information


Originally Published on July 6, 2017

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