JTOL0019 A Fascinating Read of Thomas Sowell Intellectuals and Society

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00:00 Intro (bla bla bla)
00:44 Lefties are Idiots. And Righties are Mean
02:15 A strategic alliance
02:46 What do those who study the social sciences and humanities have in common?
03:08 Specialised knowledge vs. distributed knowledge
04:46 Physical products vs. Ideas
04:13 Narratives and filtering knowledge, and the people involved in the situation
06:06 How to make peace not war
06:56 Which countries tend to be totalitarian or fascist?
07:13 My opinions
08:08 I don’t want to be slave

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Le livre Intellectuals and Society: Revised and Expanded Edition

Sears case http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1986-02-04/business/8601090435_1_eeoc-sears-discrimination

It was a lacrosse team, not football or rugby.

This is an example of an article shaming the women who came to the male team’s defense.

Intererestingly, some of the articles he cited weren’t to be found on the internet. Also some articles linked to on the Duke website are also nowhere to be found. (today.duke.edu/2006/05/clips052506.html)

Re Charity. I have not read this book myself. It was a citation by Sowell

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