thomas sowell

JTOL0019 A Fascinating Read of Thomas Sowell Intellectuals and Society

2018-10-14T20:58:21+00:00January 28th, 2018|

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00:00 Intro (bla bla bla)
00:44 Lefties are Idiots. And Righties are Mean
02:15 A strategic alliance
02:46 What do those who study the social sciences and humanities have in common?
03:08 Specialised knowledge vs. distributed knowledge

JTOL0012 I Can’t Succeed Because I’m a Minority and Other Lies

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00:11 Intro/Why I think persons should be skeptical when hearing about inequality and the conclusions drawn from the information.
01:41 First Point. How data on income inequality often misses key components to the argument at hand.
02:25 How data tells a different story depending on how much group […]

JTOL0011 Life isn’t fair Excuse You (or Thoughts on Inequality Part 1)

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I will annotate as soon as I am able to! Wanted to get this out.

00:00 Hi 🙂
00:28 The fundamental existence of inequality in the world.
02:20 When is it no longer easy to accept inequality for many people?
03:14 Why does it work so well to ask others if they don’t care about poor peopl […]

JTOL0009 Thomas Sowell Black Rednecks and White Liberals

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Thinking of purchasing the book?

00:10 Intro
01:43 Why I liked the book
02:55 What I got from the book regarding his main argument on the origins of Black culture in the US.
04:26 Anecdotal tangent
05:21 How historically relations be […]